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Taman sri gombak, Malaysia
Assalamualaikum , hi I'm Kyla , full name is Nur Aqilah Abdullah and I'm 17th on 19Dec . sch at Hillcrest high school I am friendly , talk-active ,I ♥ shopping the most, singing of course , kekadang sumbat jugak , Jujur ni weh . I am not arrogant person . so come talk to me ! I think and that is all that i am , I'm born this way .thankss to view my blogger yg mcm apaa ni -,- kbaii
sorryyy jarangg update , :D

May 18, 2011

Muhd Mufarriduun Mohd Adnan ♥

24/april/2011 I'm belong with him :D . Finally , I'm starting to love another guys , daripada Yusrie Ameer Saadon , It's called amazing right ? :) I can forget about him , THANK GOD :D and THANKS MUFAA ♥ I wish my relationship with Mufa will make me more happiness than lelaki lelaki before this , AMIN~ Bie , this is for youu :)

I'm in love with you Bie , take care , I do love you and I'll miss you :)